Garden Fragrance

Garden Fragrance varieties are selected from the very highly scented varieties known as "grandiflora" types, many bred at the turn of the 20th century by Henry Eckford at Wem in Shropshire.

The flowers are delicate in size, produced in great profusion, and rank among the highest scented of garden flowers. Even a single plant growing near a door scents the whole house, and they are very robust growers. The varieties come in a large range of flower types and colours. Like all flowers they benefit from a bit of TLC, but in their case that's mainly watering and keep picking the flowers!!

Sweet Pea America

This is a white striped red with erect flag petal. Introduced by Vaughan in 1896......

Sweet Pea Cupani Original

A mass of maroon and purple flowers on bushy plants. A collection from the wild in Sicily, probably .....

Sweet Pea Janet Scott

Delicate pale pink flowers with a powerful fragrance. Introduced by W. Atlee Burpee in 1903......

Sweet Pea Little Red Riding Hood

Very strongly scented. A well named variety because the unopened buds have a bright crimson red hood.....

Sweet Pea Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson is a true navy blue - as you might expect - and beautifully scented. Introduced by House.....

Sweet Pea Matucana

With maroon standard petals and deep mauve wings, Matucana has the colouring of the earliest sweet p.....

Sweet Pea Painted Lady

Dainty red and white flowers with an outstanding scent. One of the oldest sweet pea varieties in exi.....

Sweet Pea Prince of Orange

New for 2011. One of our favourites! A striking clashing orange and pink bicolour......

Sweet Pea Senator

Usually described as a chocolate maroon flake, this was an Eckford introduction from 1891......

Sweet Pea Turquoise Lagoon

Turquoise Lagoon is at the cutting edge of sweet pea breeding, resulting from crossing the tradition.....

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